As 2019 comes to a close I thought it would be sensible to look back at my year on this blog and reflect.

My year has been full and I have tried to squeeze as much photography in where I could. This usually involves me taking some images on weekends of myself and then planning weekends away with my husband and friends and taking my camera with me. These days I’m known to carry more camera kit than clothes when going away.

These trips have led to some amazing adventures and images. Broadening my sexual horizons and expanding my photographic skills. Taking photos of others is very different to my usual self portraits. I am still learning on telling people what I want them to do and how I want them to move, because it’s so much harder than with myself. Even more difficult if you have no say in what’s going on but try and capture some of the emotion and action anyway, for example in Capturing the pain

I had a wonderful time at Eroticon this year. Everyone I meet there inspires me, and makes me feel included in the sex blogging community, even as just a photographer. Yet I was able to take the best Boobday photo I think I will ever manage, full of so many fabulous people.

This year I tried my hand for the first time at some simple black rope and pulling someone into a corset too. With the same amazing model I managed to take my favourite image of the year with Lie with me .

I also attempted to try and keep @19Syllables still for photography which believe me is very tricky, but I succeed in capturing the hilarious image Minnie the Minx

My first sunrise photograph was captured on my birthday while away on holiday and has helped me get to grips with my camera in different lighting situations.

Keeping up with my weekly jewellery change images has been hard work but has seen me adding more clothes and props in my photos and I recently passed the 100th jewellery post, but these teeth are probably my favourite.

In the second half of the year, some more friends travelled further north to meet me for gin and photo adventures. One led to so many photographs I’m not sure which to pick, but the Three Wise Monkeys was the most visited post from then. The amazing Exposing40 got me out on a cold wet November day to take some crazy desolate Moor images like this one called wild friends.

December gave me an absolutely surprise placing 13th in the Top 100 Sex Bloggers List. As a photographer to get that high up the list I was overwhelmed. My aim when I started was to get on Molly’s list but I never dreamt I would be anywhere above 50. I’ll doubt I’ll ever be able to match it but it is an amazing achievement of which I’m really proud. A big thank you and shout out has to go to the wonderful Molly for her hard work in the community, and her personal help and inspiration with my photographs.

My camera hasn’t seen much action recently but there are so many other people I’d like to photograph with, that I’m hoping 2020 will include more weekends away and visitors to the grim North.

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