She promised to be my model and I’d previously suggested rope so there I was in some skimpy short pyjamas on a Sunday morning, with a hangover, thinking I’ve got to tie her up now. Luckily I knew her body well enough by this point to enjoy threading the black soft rope around her torso. Lining up the strands and pulling her breasts together as I looped it over her shoulders, and round her wrists. She stood smiling at me quietly. Waiting for me to position her.

I laid her down on a big bean bag and got her to shuffle about till the light seemed right and she was in the middle. Being tied made her movements clumsy and wriggly, a fish out of the water, she giggled and finally settled as I was happy with the angle to start with.

Black and white photograph of a naked woman from neck to thigh tied with black rope in a chest harness with her arms tied behind her lounging almost flat on soft material.

I looked down at her. My camera in my hand and I peered through the view finder. Adjusting the settings till I had the exposure about right. It’s a heavy camera, but my hands were starting to shake not because of that, but because she looked amazing. Her eyes were closed and her lips just curled up at the edges. Betraying her enjoyment of being objectified. I turned her slightly and moved around the room. It was quiet but I groaned as I lifted my camera to my eye again. I hadn’t had this chance before. No one had let me take their photograph like this before. Naked and restrained. I craved getting the good image but what I really wanted to do was put the camera down and enjoy those nipples. The conflict rose up inside me. I checked the image I’d just taken and it looked good. The contrast of her skin against the black rope made me go back to the lens and press the shutter again. I took my time and then flipped her over.

Black and white photograph of a naked woman from neck to thigh laying on her front with a black rope harness around her chest and her wrists tied behind her back.

If you want to find out what happened next read more here.

17 thoughts on “Black Rope

  1. Oooo this is a very sexy post and the images are amazing. I love the anticipation and the uncertainly that has been captured in the words you have written.

  2. Missy, this is amazing. It reminds me of another recent post I really liked where you describe taking photos of someone else. I find your writing in both posts, especially the details you notice, to be really hot. The photos are lovely (as always!) — the detail and gradient of light and shadow especially, against the dark of the rope, and your beautiful model — it’s just really interesting to have this other kind of “lens” as well.

  3. This is such beautiful rope play. I have stayed away from it for the most part, but my master loves it so I might just go for it more often. It is so different to see someone else in this position.

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