Every Saturday I change my nipple jewellery and I share an image or two of that on this blog. I only have my left nipple pierced which I had done when I was 20. I love the variety in my pieces and I’m always tempted by newer nipple rings, bars and shields. This was one I couldn’t resist recently. Maybe not one I can wear everyday or under the skimpiest outfit but maybe one when I need to feel fierce.

I don’t think I’ve ever linked my jewellery images to Sinful Sunday but I love this piece so much and this simple photograph of it, that I thought I would this week.

If you’d like to scroll my other jewellery pieces you can click here.

Colour photograph of a woman’s chest wearing a black jacket with her left naked breast exposed showing a pieces nipple with a large silver nipple bar with silver teeth around it.

23 thoughts on “Bite my nipple #SJC 71

  1. Love it, like a little visual wink. Also really beautifully framed – everything in this picture is well thought-out.

    1. I won’t be able to wear it all the time. It’s very large and quite heavy but I love the aesthetic. Thank you

  2. I love your nipple pictures, you have so many pretty pieces and I love seeing them. Always makes me tempted to get mine done


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