I have a new cute teddy bear ball closure I thought I’d wear today for my Saturday Jewellery Change. It reminds me of Tommy. He’s been my Teddy for 42 years. Although he’s not a bear but a dog with floppy ears. Tommy has shared my bed for more years than anyone else, but he’s been sat on my bedroom mirror in the last few years and recently I picked him up and sniffed him like I use to do and was rather upset he didn’t smell like Tommy. He smelt like old stale canvas tents. So he’s back in my bed and I hope he gets his nice smell back soon. This jewellery is for Tommy.

A close up colour photograph of a naked woman’s chest and a small rather worn and tatty looking old brown teddy bear held between the naked breasts. The left nipple has a silver nipple ring in and the closure is a small silver teddy bear shape.
Boob day logo with the words written in white over a warm image of a naked breast
Sinful Sunday logo with the words written over a pink lip print

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