I was delighted to meet Hy and to be involved in the big group boobday photograph at Eroticon two weeks ago, purely by the fact I had my camera on me and others seemed willing to let me take the whole group photograph. Not the easiest thing to try to take 30 people’s boobs! And then the problem that some of us need to be anonymous too. I tried a few ways but this image was my favourite. It captures the energy of the day. The great variety in our boobs and the general fun. I want to thank everyone for being such great sports and doing everything I asked. Although I’m not in this image don’t worry. I was stood taking the photograph with no top on and boobs out for them all to see. I’m there in spirit!

Incase you have forgotten what I look like behind the lens here’s a post of me behind the camera

14 thoughts on “Eroticon Boobday

  1. The photo is really a great one. Someday it will be published in a photo book and become an established part of the history of the times.

  2. Thank you for taking this photo and the others in the selection we had to choose from. It was wonderful to be part of such a fabulous community of eroticon people. It sums up the whole weekend in my view xx

    1. It’s one of my favourite images I’ve taken of other people. I can name about two thirds of the people but that’s all.

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