This week’s photograph is one I took of @19syllables . She is so much fun to be around when taking photos that I can honestly say I struggled to get this and others similar because I was laughing too much to hold my camera still. You may not know she’s just celebrated a big birthday and her other good friend Exposing40 summed her up perfectly in this blog post called Lady in Lavender

This photograph reminds me of what a cheeky Minx she really is.

Colour photograph of the back of a  naked woman stood infront of a white background. Only wearing Mickey Mouse eats and big white Mickey Mouse gloves placed on her arse.

Colour photograph of a naked woman stood in front of a white background wearing big white Mickey Mouse gloves and edited over the face is Minnie Mouse cartoon face

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21 thoughts on “Minnie the Minx

  1. I’m delighted that you took this! Looking at it makes the memories of that day flood back in. You’re so clever at what you do.

  2. These are brilliant and really show odd, not only her gorgeous figure, but also your creative eye and excellent photographic skills. ?

  3. I’ve always had a slightly embarrassing thing for La Mouse. I guess it’s the polkadots and the always flashing her knickers.

    But these are hotter than anything I’ve ever dreamed!

    Damn pretty, also sexy, house mouse!

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