Hello I’m Missy and my pronouns are she/her. This is my “Not Suitable For Work” photographic blog that also contains some sexy stories and honest descriptions of a my sex life.

So why am I blogging? Well I’m a 44 year old bisexual, working, married mother of two who became addicted to twitter and then found myself getting frustrated at societies opinions on women like myself on sex/sexuality. I found myself taking more photographs and engaging with the online sex positive community and decided I had something personal to offer.

I love sex, have a wonderful relationship with my husband, which is forever changing and getting better and I’m not afraid to say it. I’ve got some new found body confidence and realise that I am a sexy creature, who has a normal mother’s body – with stretch marks and wobbly bits- and that’s still Ok. This isn’t shown in today’s media. We aren’t encouraged to talk or think about sex. Sexual exploration, freedom, health and enjoyment are my goals. And if this blog can in some way help to redress the balance then I will be super happy.

I started off this blog using my iPhone for my photography and editing, but over the last year or two have progressed to mainly using my digital Canon 750D camera for most of my pictures. My enjoyment and urge to improve this has led to more photographs of other people which is something I want to do more of. My favourites of which are Black Rope, The Photographer and Summer Hot

I participate in several regular memes which include #SinfulSunday #Kinkoftheweek and #Boobday individually I post my nipple jewellery change every Saturday morning #SJC and have previously run two weekly series running from A to Z throughout the year called #a2zsubmiss

My proudest achievements with my blog and photography include the time I was able to take this fantastic group Boobday shot at Eroticon and when I ranked 1st in 2022 Top 100 Sex Blogs and recently I’ve written a guest blog for the amazing Girl On the Net called The Hat Trick

Come and find me on twitter as @FocusedFilthy and at mastodon as @focusedandfilthy@kinkyelephant.com to see what recent adventures I’ve been on.