His strength has always inspired me. The week we got together he’d been doing a chainsaw course and when I offered him a back massage one thing led to another. His back is beautiful. Strong, toned and broad and sometimes in the summer it even turns a beautiful golden colour.

20 years later he still inspires me. His strength holds me up and encourages me. Let’s me explore, but I always find a comfortable hold in his arms when I return.

A black and white photograph of a naked man doing a hand stand against a wall his back to the camera  hes bald and with well defined muscles in his back
February PhotoFest logo of a colourful lip print

16 thoughts on “Handstand

  1. That’s an impressive body/feat! I’ve been trying to get myself to doing a handstand for the longest time . . . I need to get over my anxiety about doing the silly exercises in the gym which will allow me to make progress

  2. Your pictures are always so precise and artful in their composition. This one is gorgeous. I envy your balanced perfectionist eye 🙂 but your words are what really got me here. Such love and affection. It’s glorious.

    1. He is gorgeous and that day very game too! He really helped me with a low inspiration day for photographs. X

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