32 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. They are both beautiful but I think if I has to choose I would say the colour one. It has a really strong and sexy feel to me.

  2. Beautiful images. I love the shadow at the side of you. I think my favourite is the colour one (normally I favour b&w) but there’s something about the colour one that draws me to it …. stunning !

  3. Lucky Mr Submis34F to have this glorious vision waiting for him! I still think colour is best, conveying warmth and showing off your (creamy!) skin tones.

    O x

  4. Very striking and warm, the colour one particularly so, you look very relaxed and a little exotic.

  5. They are both stunning and artistic! The color version is alive and speaks to me of strength in vulnerability. The b/w denotes the kind of cold beauty you’d see in a renaissance sculpture and is equally alluring. You can’t go wrong with either really.

  6. Write, this image is amazing! The play of light is so beautiful. Gentle and Moody. Also, you are so beautiful! I like both images but I’m really drawn to the color one. There’s something about the warmth of it that draws me fully in.

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