Mother. The evidence is there for all to see. It’s taken me years to love this part of me. The sag at the front and the large number of stretch marks, but I’m so pleased I was able to carry my children and also feed them. My figure is now the evidence of that great achievement so I shall be proud that I’m now covered in a barcode of parental history.

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  1. This is beauty, beauty truth. My relationship with stretchmarks has always been one of awe, (ok, and some excitement) – they’re like precious things sewn under your warm skin, mother-of-pearl pathways, signposting, celebrating womanhood

      1. YES! Gonna write me an ode. Which’ll make a refreshing change from the utter filth I’ve been making recently. Or just put more of them in my filth. Or both – ALL THOSE THINGS.

  2. I love your expression “a barcode of parental history”. HavIng children gave me a far greater respect for my body and how amazing it was but at the same time I still mentally reject the way it looks rather than embracing it like you have. Your picture inspires me to keep trying and to shut out those unkind words in my head. Thank you for posting this and for being so open ?

      1. Yes the pictures are helping. I am still very critical of them though and quite careful about what I use. That’s why other people being able to do it is inspiring. ?

  3. I love your curves, your stretch marks, your everything.. they’re beautiful to me as they pay testament to your reality, a life well lived: bringing life, enjoying life, worrying and coping. I still intensely dislike my stretch marks but they fade and return as I slim & expand, but with posts like yours I start to see them more positively and in time maybe I’ll like them.

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