A little while ago one of my friends asked if I’d like to meet one of their partners and the reason in their words “is that we really want someone to photograph us fucking and we were talking about it again yesterday. A good photographer not just filthy snaps and I was thinking of you”

I’m a sucker for some flattery and I also work best when given a specific task, so of course I said yes. The brief “I like the idea of someone just capturing our energy and being able to see what we look like together”. So no staging but knowing I was going to have to make them look good did make me nervous.

When the day actually arrived I was really nervous. They were going to have to be vulnerable and honest in front of my camera and I was going to have to be ready to capture it for them. The idea was images for their eyes only but if I got any ones I wanted to use for my blog I could with their permission.

So cups of tea had and after another brief chat about the room and light it all started slowly. Only by briefly moving some of their clothes out of shot and opening the blind a little did I actually do or say much. Moving quietly around with just the sound of my shutter going every so often. I soon found my enemy was the losing evening light. The difficulty in a fast enough shutter speed for my hand holding and their movements, but trying to get a good enough exposure and my rising ISO was driving me mad. I don’t think I’ve concentrated so hard for so long for years. They seemed to forget I was there at several times. Even when I was standing over them on the bed!

Several orgasms later and I had 250 images on my camera roll and a real worry that none of them would be decent enough to share. Imagine my delight over the following week as I picked through the photographs and sent them over 30 edited versions.

I have a few personal favourites. The one of them collapsed in each other arms, face to face, which matching post orgasmic grins on, is pretty special. But I did actually put myself into a few of the images on purpose and I’ve been blessed with being allowed to share this one on my blog. I’m normally the one trying to look sexy but here I love my professional look while the others supply the heat.

Sinful Sunday logo with the words over a pink lip print

15 thoughts on “The Photographer

    1. The photographs were taken for their own personal use not for publication. I may be able to post a few more in the future but that isn’t guaranteed. I asked to publish this one as I’m also featured but the rest is mainly them.

  1. This is so wonderful, I love the energy you’ve captured. And the thought of knowing you’re there silently working away with just the shutter clicking away is incredibly hot!!

  2. The image is absolutely amazing. I love the story it tells

    I recently got the chance to photograph someone too. Not sex but a blow job. I was worried like you about all the same things but also that I might get turned on and that would be distracting but I found myself so absorbed in the photography that whilst I enjoyed watching them and seeing the beauty of it I wasn’t aroused so much that i couldn’t work


  3. I have been goofing off all morning avoiding my edits that need my attention in lightroom and stumbled on to your site.

    How wonderful to find like minded people. About your image…It pulls me in and tells the story very nicely. Keep it up.

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