I grew up around big old trees, climbing into the weeping willow that sat over the village pond and watching the fish. Setting traps in the woods to trip my brother up. Picking the apples off the trees when they were ripe and juicy. I was so lucky to be in the countryside when young and I’m back in a similar area now. I love being around the woods. It makes me feel youthful and free which is so needed to help balance the complicated and tiring work I do.

I’ve only started taking photos outside in the last few years but trees are such great subjects that I find myself drawn to images with them in. I like my post All of me and woodland hide and seek but my favourite image so far in the woods, is my self portrait Dryad . Trees don’t turn me on or make me horny but they do help my mood, and they are amazing for my photographic inspiration too. So I went out this week to take some more woodland images

A colour photograph taken in the woods. The image has blurry green leaves that are close to the camera but hiding behind them in the middle distance is a naked woman standing facing the camera with her hand on a silver birch tree trunk. The leaves are covering her face and her muff but you can tell she is naked. Her skin is pale against the green foliage.
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5 thoughts on “Time among the trees

  1. I absolutely love this, the green is so vibrant and it feels like I am looking into a secret world.

    I love trees too. I really miss my walks in the woods, they brought me such a sense of calm and grounding. I am so glad that I can still enjoy them through photos like this!

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