I’d had a little too much to drink, the mixture of nerves and excitement at being with these two people that we (as a couple) had openly flirted with, had led me to be thirstier than usual.

The hour was getting late and at this specific point I was stood up near her in my bare feet, as she was sat on the floor. Giggling she let her hand trail up my inside leg. My short dress clung tightly to my hips, and with its low cowl neck line, it left little to the imagination. My long knee socks and boots long ago abandoned. She tickled the black lace at my hip and started nibbling at my inner thigh. I’d been craving the feel of her lips on my flesh – and in such a sensitive area the affect was immediate.

“I don’t think she really needs these knickers on. Can I take them off her?” She turns and asks the fellas. I see my husband nod with a grin and her man agreed. Her delicate fingers tugged at the top of my thin black lacy knickers and dropped them to the ground. She stopped nibbling my thighs, much to my disappointment, the sharpness of her teeth on my warm skin had sent my slightly woozy mind in a spin. She was behind me now, her hand up my leg again finding me wet and waiting. She pushed one and then two fingers inside me and I gasped slightly, reaching out my hands to steady myself on the back of the sofa in front of me. Her fingers moved to a silent music, my racing pulse and shallow breaths danced along to their rhythm.

She leant forward and whispered in my ear “you know you can stop this whenever you want, you can just say and it will stop” Her warm honey tones reassuring me, I stayed silent, because every cell in my body was throbbing with the thought of please don’t stop! Her fingers played me beautifully, swift and efficient, then quickly I was on the brink. Instinctively my eyes flew open and I looked for him, his face relaxed but with the sparkle of excitement in his eyes. He sat on the sofa, not far away and I managed to ask “Please can I come?”

His reply was firm but also filled with pride “Yes” and I let the wave of heat that had built in my core wash over me completely. Clenching onto her fingers, making me reach up on to my tiptoes and I felt (and then heard) my own excitement splashed on to their wooden floor.

My dress was lifted over my head and bra removed, and although I was unaware of the sounds I was making my damp black knickers were balled up and placed in my mouth as she bent me forward again. The gentleman conducting the piece while she played me expertly, again and again. Only managing a mumbled “Please” when necessary. The music soared and crashed inside me until my legs started to shake and I wondered if I would be able to keep upright. My embarrassment flamed at the growing mess on the floor I muttered several “sorry”s as the knickers were removed from my mouth.

I caught my breath, surprised when I realised that whilst I was naked, everyone else had remained fully clothed. But this was only the first verse. The music would play long into the night.

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8 thoughts on “Black lace

  1. Powerful, quite a fantasy piece and very well written, the excitement and the anticipation builds really well. There’s definitely room to write a ‘second movement’ of this piece if you wish!

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