Dryad, in Greek mythology, a nymph or nature spirit who lives in trees and takes the form of a beautiful young woman. Dryads were originally the spirits of oak trees (drys: “oak”), but the name was later applied to all tree nymphs. It was believed that they lived only as long as the trees they inhabited.

Colour photograph of a naked woman sat on a bough of a tree in lush green woodland   She has one hand in her hair and you can see the shadow of leaf shapes across her bare back

This was from my first outing with my new zoom camera lens and the same hot day as Make Hay was taken. This slightly shadier spot was much more concealed and I felt so much more confident walking around naked back and forth to my camera and I think it shows in the photos. Maybe I am a Dryad!

Sinful Sunday logo of a pink lip print

10 thoughts on “Dryad

  1. You take such lovely and creative photos and this is no exception. There is something new to see every where I look. I love the way the shadows play across your skin and your pose is just exquisite!

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