There was only once in 2020 when I was able to have an outdoor photographic adventure with a friend (when the regulations allowed) and thank goodness we had good weather on that day. Honey from HappyComeLucky was so great and up for playing in the woods in front of my camera with no clothes on!

This is my second favourite image from that day – my first being In the Bracken I think it really sums up the fun we had. Also discovering that my new zoom lens is very heavy but my wifi connection from my camera to my phone can only reach so far! Also beech woodland leaf litter isn’t as soft under foot as you’d think.

Also go and check out her post Beautiful Day were she is the star of the show taken on the same day.

Colour photograph of an autumn beech woodland with two naked women stood in the distance  one has her hands over her hides and the other is just hiding behind a tree further back
February PhotoFest logo with the words next to an old camera on a mustard yellow background

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