Day 6 of February PhotoFest and the first Sunday of the month which means prompt week at #SinfulSunday. This week the prompt is the letter M. I’ve done a few before M is for Mother and M is for Mirror There are plenty of other M’s I’ve blogged about too Mutual Masturbation and Music for the soul so I was struggling to think of which other M words I could pick that would be different. Today’s image is about my myopia. My need for glasses to see long distances. I got these ones new just before first lockdown and I thought they matched with my long socks perfectly.

Colour photograph from my point of view looking down my naked body on a bed. I’m holding a pair of tortoiseshell glasses and wearing long over the knee brown diamond patterned socks.
Colour photograph from my eye view. Looking down my naked body on a bed. My tortoiseshell glasses are balanced on my chest. I have one hand over my muff and I’m only wearing long over the knee brown diamond patterned socks.
February PhotoFest logo with the words in a blue square along with an image of an old fashioned camera.
Sinful Sunday logo with words over a pink lip print.

10 thoughts on “Myopia

  1. Where would we be without our glasses?

    They are a great match for your socks too – these are fun pictures!

  2. Can I just add M is for mmmmmm socks too!

    I have found that my own myopia has impacted some fun recently, not wearing glasses meant I could get to see the enjoyment on someone else’s face!

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