She wore a silky green wrap dress that enhanced her wonderful cleavage and made her green eyes sparkle. She’s also a photographer and during our conversation I asked why she doesn’t take self portraits, she stated her low self esteem at the moment prevented her. Something I completely understand but also made me cross for her because she glowed that night with beautiful skin, a confident laugh and infectious smile.

She’d seen my blog and recent photographs I’d taken and pointed to the large window at the end of the hotel lounge saying “that would be a great spot for one of your pics”. I turned and looked at the low wooden windowsill, the subtle lighting and said “go on then, go sit there for me and let me take your photo”. The gin and fizz had made her bold and she giggled as she sat in the window, flashing me hints of her tattooed thigh but quickly looking away like she knew I wanted this to be anonymous. I took two images. The first had a little too much thigh for her liking but the second one jumped off the screen at me as being perfect. Even in my pissed state I did a quick two minute edit on snapseed and showed her. “Wow!” Was her reply. She didn’t seem to quite believe how sexy she looked or how hot she was in that particular dress. Teasing me with hints of her tattooed flesh.

“You know I’d take you upstairs and fuck you tonight” I said as she blushed still looking at the image. She didn’t reply.

I sent her a copy of the photo and later on as we made our way towards our hotel rooms I ran my hand over her green silky arse and said “you could come back to my room if you like?” She declined sweetly but then goes in for a kiss, and I don’t mean a peck on the cheek. We stood there in the stairwell between the floors, lips together, tongues teasing each other. Hands running over each other’s clothes. “You sure you don’t want to come to my room?” She declined again. She kissed me again, long enough for me to wonder if she’d changed her mind but short enough to leave me wanting more and she walked away.

I smiled as I tottered into my room and towards my bed with filthy thoughts of her running through my mind.

Colour photograph of a woman in a silky green wrap dress sat on a low wooden windowsill looking out a large window into dark night with lit ornamental garden outside. She has one knee up showing hints of a delicate tattoo on her left thigh and her wears nude high heels
Sinful Sunday logo with the words written in black over a pink lip print

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  1. I’ve come back to reread this and gosh it is so so hot. I love that feeling of intense anticipation and ‘maybe’ and waiting as you connect with someone for the first time, and it is exciting and new and hopeful. And the photo is absolutely stunning!

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