You may not believe me but I often don’t like my reflection. For someone who regularly puts themselves in front of the camera lens I generally don’t like myself in a mirror. Yet when I saw this grand frame I knew I had to stand in front of it. I knew the best way to get myself in it but not my face was to hold my camera and not use my tripod. I forgot I had the strap on my camera and had to wind it round my wrist to keep it out of the way but I got the image. The shadow cast from the reading lamp made this so much better than I hoped for. I hope you like it too.

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7 thoughts on “a2zsubmiss M is for Mirror

    1. Yes. It’s what’s changed the most over the last 4 years mainly due to being on and posting images on twitter. I grew in confidence about my image and about the photographs I could take. That’s why I started the blog.

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