Mutual masturbation as a term makes me think more about people playing when in different locations rather than something done as a couple together.

It is something that is a common part of our sex life but when I sat down to write this post it made me instantly think about being apart but enjoying intimacy together. I grew up before smart phones, so as a young adult I used either phone sex (landlines in shared houses were tricky) or online chat rooms (also difficult as we didn’t have our own computers so it was usually a university computer room thing!)

The difference from then to now is immense. The ability to chat either by text, send pictures, voice messages, videos or live video link can be held in my hand and turned on or off in a millisecond. With apps like Periscope, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime mutual masturbation has become an incredibly easy way to spend some spare time, and something this horny woman likes to engage in.

Two people, hundreds or thousands of miles apart, sexually attracted and playing at the same time together, connected over their screens. The most intimate moments shared. The sounds heard, the fingers and toys watched, the heart rate raised. My all time favourite is when they ask just to watch my face. A skill it took some time to master. Trying to hold my phone still and steady and on my face while playing with my other hand. Keeping my eyes open and watching the screen. It’s an intense experience keeping eye contact as you orgasm. Often one orgasm setting off the other person.

Once I sent someone an audio recording of my masturbation. I know it was one of their favourite things and possibly the best thing I ever sent them. The illicit nature of these shared moments make for explosive orgasms.

11 thoughts on “Mutual masturbation

  1. What a gorgeous and stunning image. How were you able to take such a striking picture. If your pictures are any indication, I’m sure a voice recording or video recording of you masturbating would be incredibly sexy. You are so provocative.

    1. Tripod for my SLR camera and I use my phone as a remote (usually with a timer but in this pic I wanted the phone to be seen) x

      1. It shows an incredible amount of confidence and courage and is beyond sexy. Do you take requests for pics? Haha. You are very sexy but so few people have the confidence to put it on display. You are to be commended and admired.

        1. I don’t usually show. I thought this was artistic enough to warrant a place on my blog. Especially after reading about Laura Dodsworth photographer and her 100 vulva portraits (see guardian article)

  2. the content of the image is thought provoking. and I find quality of the crystal clear image of a professional standard ?

  3. I loved reading this. Trying to hold a phone while masturbating and share the experience while face timing someone is always tricky. And so sexy. And audio recordings… that’s super sexy, and always fun to send and get.

  4. Fucking hell that is a seriously sexy shot and yes the whole online mutual masturbation thing is something I have done a lot and it is deliciously hot


  5. Love this post, thank you for sharing your thoughts ???
    And the photo, it will stay in my mind for a long time ??????

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