This month’s SinfulSunday prompt is the letter J. I was trying to think of what christmasy words I could do – Jolly, Jumper, Joy, but was becoming stuck until I thought about Joseph, Jesus and Mary.

I admit I’m not a religious person but was brought up with parents with a strong faith. Every year they get their hand knitted nativity scene out and despair when I put the sheep in the manager or hide the kings presents so I thought I’d do my own version.

Joseph who is front and centre has appeared in a few other blog posts including Inside and Outside I can’t hold him and One shot two ways

Mary is also no shrinking Violet either seen in Fuck Yourself and Step In Strap On

I almost wish I could have made this purely from my Godemiche toys but I just didn’t quite have enough. Although Balthazar does make a beautiful King, maybe next year I will have enough to complete the scene.

So gather round my scene and let’s have a singalong “Oh Cum all ye faithful!” 🎵🎶

Colour photograph of a dildo nativity scene including three tall dildos wearing crowns, three smaller disposable wearing tea towel like head dressers as shepherds, Joseph is a large black dildo with balls and Mary is a purple sparkly dildo with a white shawl , Jesus in a manger is a small blue glass butt plug it is staged on a dark night in a cardboard stable with a bright star above and sawdust all around
Sinful sunday logo over pink lip print

11 thoughts on “Oh Cum all ye faithful

  1. This made me chuckle, I will never be able to look at my parents nativity in future years without casting my mind back to this. Thank you for that.

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