It was hot and sunny and our morning fuck had set the sparks alight on my tinder dry imagination and my libido was burning red hot all day. He knew I wanted more. I wore my turquoise sundress with no underwear – and I was very aware that my bouncing breasts would probably catch his eye. I spent half an hour outside taking photographs of myself in different poses. Dress lifted up, pale arse exposed, dress strap falling down and breast hanging free, but the heat and the fear the neighbours could possibly see had driven me inside again. He’d finished his jobs and as the children were around I sent him a text of some of the images I’d just taken. I got a reply.

Him: “Upstairs now and fuck yourself”

Me: “With anything particular?”

Him: “Mr Purple stuck against the wall”

I didn’t need telling twice and casually left the room grinning. Up the stairs and I grabbed Mr Purple (who is a delicious sparkly suction ended Dildo from Godemiche) and attached him to the wall.

I knew I was ready to slide myself onto him. I hitched my dress up and with a quick squirt of lube pushed my cunt back against the firm dildo, my arse pressing against the wall, still standing but bent forward and facing the door. It only took a minute before he joined me. Sitting down on the bed in front of me his cock already straining in his shorts. “Good girl, now ride it like you’re being fucked by someone else and I get to watch you cum” With my fingers on my swollen clit and the delicious curve of Mr Purple pushing inside me it didn’t take long. “Please” I panted. His rigid cock now in his hand “Yes” he readily agreed, holding eye contact at all times. “But you’ll have to lick it clean before you are allowed to suck my cock”

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8 thoughts on “Fuck yourself.

  1. Very hot Missy – like the bit about pretending you fucking someone else while he is watching. Does it for me šŸ˜‰ x

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