This month’s prompt for Sinful Sunday is Outtakes. I’ll be honest my heart fell when I read about it. I would delete my rubbish images from a photo shoot. I wouldn’t keep anything I didn’t think was good enough to post or would just be slightly second best but nothing interesting or funny.

I’ve never had anyone walk past me or tripped myself up during an image. I’m such an annoying perfectionist I thought how could I possibly find something I’ve kept or want to share from my outtakes.

I stewed on this for a while until I remembered my double exposure images. I took images of my extra wide dildo who is affectionally named Mr Black.

Colour photograph of naked woman’s from behind from thighs to waist holding a large black dildo behind her.

The images I used in the post were both inside and outside my body. I’d taken a series from the front and the back. And of course the back images won because everyone knows bums are brilliant. But I remembered I tried some images from the front stood legs apart. And of course I couldn’t quite hold Mr Black for that long. He weighs a tonne!

So I found myself an outtake. Something I hope will make you smile. Something I wouldn’t have ever posted without this prompt. I call it ‘I can’t hold him any more.’

Colour photograph of a naked woman’s crotch with her legs apart and a dark object blurry moving quickly down

24 thoughts on “Outtake – I can’t hold him any more.

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  2. Simply brilliant . . . made me gasp as well as smile . . . well giggle out loud actually.
    Brilliantly captured . . . and I rather like the sound of “Mr Black”.
    Xxx – K

  3. This made me laugh right out loud. it’s brilliant! That blur is sensational and I love the soft downy hair on your thighs, made me want to touch it!

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