I love anal play and the feeling of having a plug in when he is fucking me. It’s also a great way to help prepare me for his cock. I have a mix of different plugs. Different sizes, shapes and materials but I recently got a new blue Glass butt plug which I photographed for a previous Sinful Sunday post. I love it’s shape and the cold hard glass filling me, and I’ve worn it a few times since.

Recently she told me she bought a matching plug, and this one piece of information has been stuck in my mind. Fluttering around like a stuck butterfly. Regularly bouncing against my imagination causing hot, intense thoughts. Full of images of her before me, on her knees, my fingers lubing up her tight arse hole. Pressing her open and easing my fingers in and then picking up the beautiful cold smooth glass. Teasing her clit with the temperature and then slowly pressing it into her. Gently increasing the force as the bulbous head gets to it’s widest point and then my other hand circling her swelling clitoris. Distracting her body with pleasure and relaxing her further. I know how perfect it feels as it slides past that tight point, when the body relents and accepts it. I think of her gasps at feeling full with the cold solid shape and how glorious she would look and feel and I can’t help but touch myself.

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  1. What a gorgeous pic. So perfect and you look so relaxed and comfortable and eager to get started.

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