I wasn’t allowed sparklers when I was little and although I bought some for a recent bonfire night, we weren’t allowed to use them at the organised event so I wasn’t able to use them. I really wanted to do some photography with them but as I’ve never done anything like this it took me a while to get it right with settings, but sparklers don’t last very long!! I think I managed two good images and here is one.

Thanks goes to my wonderful family and friends who help me out with my crazy ideas.

So here is a sparkly message to you all this winter.

A photograph of three people holding sparklers making a sign. The image is very dark and only the sparklers show up. It says I love (with a heart) Cock. The cock is drawn with penis and balls.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words over a pink lip print

8 thoughts on “Sparkler Fun

  1. Best use of sparklers ever and like you it took me a few goes to get the settings right to get some good ones. I quickly learned that even a bit of light from the house can be a problem and that the darker the better


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