I have certain underwear sets and bras I can tell you exactly when I bought and where and what for. Weekends away or to go under certain outfits for a wedding or a party. These memories attached to my underwear often bring that little bit of extra joy when I put them on in the morning. This morning was no exception.

I decided on a paler set I have, cream with flowers on and as I got dressed it dawned on me I bought this set at the same time as my wedding set to take on honeymoon with me. That was exactly 15 years ago this week! My wedding dress didn’t need a bra so I bought just a suspender belt and knickers but in the same gorgeous shop I bought this extra set including a matching camisole and French knickers too.

I remember all the items together were expensive (I’m a right tight Yorkshire woman) but I was so pleased with the set I paid the amount anyway. I haven’t worn it very frequently but even then it still fits pretty well and is incredibly comfortable.

I often buy underwear these days only when it’s in the sale but maybe I should splash out for a special occasion again. I doubt my husband would remember when I got this set but I know he still appreciates it when I’ve got something special on.

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