This week’s SinfulSunday prompt is the letter G. As I’ve already done two alphabet series under the title a2zsubmiss you can see my previous G posts – G is for Gag and G is for Gate but today I thought I’d concentrate on my love of Glass.

I have several lovely glass dildos and butt plugs but last week I acquired a new blue one from Lovehoney. It’s a Chrystalino Expert Glass Butt Plug, handblown, beautiful, and incredibly comfortable.

Colour photograph of a blue glass butt plug being held in a hand looking slightly see through

Colour photograph of a blue glass butt plug held flat in a hand like a torpedo

Close up colour photograph of just the tip of a blue glass butt plug which is slightly see through and like a torpedo tip

Black and white image of a naked ladies arse on her knees with the ends of a blue glass butt plug seen in her arsehole.

22 thoughts on “Glass Butt Plug

  1. That’s such a beautiful colour! It looks gorgeous with the light shining through it, but even better against the skin of your bottom.

  2. I love the look of this, and am contemplating getting a glass or metal but plug – your comments and your ‘inserted’ picture have swayed me towards this one for sure! Awesome images – very hot.

  3. These are beautiful. I love the way the glass plays in the light, and also the effect of the color/bw contrast in the final image. That butt plug really shines!

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