I love a butt plug and I’ve made no secret of some of my favourites on this blog. From the beauty of my blue Glass Butt plug to some of my softer silicone ones. Anal play can be amazing but like a lot of people I need warming up first and it was using butt plugs that actually got me able to manage his cock. Mainly it got me through the mental barrier first. The worry and fear that sometimes comes with anal play were eased away with some lovely soft silicone plugs.

I have had the pleasure of playing with another woman who was wearing a matching glass butt plug too. My next plan would be to go out for an evening with the said person with our matching plugs in knowing that when we got back there will be serious shenanigans!

My hubby has played with the odd plug of mine in the past. Although it seemed pleasurable it didn’t really rock his world. But recently I saw these very fine silicone butt plugs in the January sale and seeing the ones designed for more prostate pleasure I couldn’t help myself and bought the small and medium in matching colours for us both! Whispers I did buy myself the large as well but it’s rather eye watering and I haven’t tried it yet!

Unfortunately our sex lives are rather hindered at the moment with hectic lifestyles but we have managed to try out them together and boy did they work well! He even found he kept his erection after for longer and then got hard again quickly with a short refractory period! So I’m taking these as a win. I’m looking forward to round two.

A colour photo of four butt plugs arranged in a semi circle. There are two that have an asymmetrical bump for prostate pressure and two that are smoother and more cone shaped all with bar ends. There are two sizes in both. The smaller ones and blue and the bigger sized ones are purple. They are photographed from above.
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2 thoughts on “His and Mine – matching butt plugs

  1. I also have the blue glass one and it is one of my favourites, although I love them all too much to really have favourites but it is generally the one I reach for first.

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