Everyone knows I love glass toys, from butt plugs to dildos so when I saw that this week’s Sinful Sunday prompt was ‘texture’ then I knew I wanted to try and photograph my textured glass toys. An hour later after cursing and messing with my macro lens and lighting and backgrounds for long enough I finally got two images I was happy with. But not until I came to edit the photos did I realise that one of my toys had a very obvious fingerprint on it – oh well. Next time I’ll make sure to polish them up first and use cotton gloves.

Collage of two photographs  one on top of the other  both are close up photographs of textured glass sex toys  the top one has some button like bumps on the surface and the lower image is a curved thin glass toy with like river ripples on it  the background to the images is red

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But you can also have a sneaky behind the scenes look at how I took the photographs.

Colour photograph showing a large camera on a tripod pointing at a black case that has on top of it red paper and two glass sex toys balanced on top
February PhotoFest logo with the words next to an old camera on a mustard background
Sinful Sunday logo over a pink lip print

12 thoughts on “Textured Glass

  1. Love this !! I even love the fingerprint – it really shows off how clean-cut and in focus your images are <3 You are such a professional – ha I should show off my background skills! I can feel your OCD twitching already lol x

    1. I’m lucky to have a lovely 100mm lens that does most of the work for me. I like fiddly close ups but don’t often do them for my blog – all practice is good though.

  2. These photos are INCREDIBLE – I’m in constant awe of your photography skills! Like others I love the fingerprint, but less because they show how brilliant your focus is (though fuck yes, it’s brilliant, your photos are BRILLIANT) but more because it shows that they’re real? Like, these aren’t product photos, these are toys you actually use and love. (I also love the behind the scenes shot – thank you for including that!)

    1. Maybe I should take photos of messy used cummy toys?! I bet that would go down well too. Thank you for your lovely comments x

  3. These are divine! I was actually going to ask what the whole image looks like so we could see the toys but you got there first! So pretty, I’d want them in a display cabinet.

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