So for this weeks SinfulSunday Prompt Molly had the most amazing wheels to spin to give two words to act as a personal prompt. I spun and got ‘Artificial Light’ and ‘Toys’ – thinking about my toys I knew the best looking ones where glass so here are my photographs. I struggled to decide which one was my favourite so you can have four. Let me know which you prefer.

Click the lips below to see who else is playing this Sinful Sunday.

58 thoughts on “Glowing

  1. Awesome photographs, how clever you are and how ‘disco’ they look (in a classy way dah-ling!)

  2. This prompt has…well, prompted the most delightfully creative photos! I never would have thought of using glow jewelry; that’s so clever, and the effect is really cool. I can’t choose a favorite – they’re all stunning. It’s like your toys are at a rave.

  3. Just wow. If there was a prize to win for this prompt I think you might have clinched it with these. What a fucking awesome idea and brilliantly executed. I think my favourite is the one in the header, although the first one is a close second.


  4. Oh my goodness, this is genius! I would NEVER have thought to do this and it’s amazing! My personal favourite is the second but they really are all spectacular so I’m glad you shared all four.
    Aurora x

  5. Wow…utterly incredible! I think my favourite is the second one, I love all the rings you can see.

    *goes to buy more glass toys*

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