Day 28 ‘Coda’ – Final #FebPhotoFest

Today is the final day of my February PhotoFest and I’ve really enjoyed it. The challenge of posting everyday and taking new and different images has pushed me. (And I wish I had more in the achieves to use!) So as we are finishing on a Wicked Wednesday – which is my band night- I thought I would leave you with another photo of my saxophone. When trying my previous photographs of my sax, a friend suggested a pose with me sat on a chair and I moaned about how my house is full of stuff and getting a shot against a plain background was difficult and making excuses. Then last week there was a day I had carpet fitters coming, and I suddenly realised that for a few hours I had an empty (but small) room! I dashed home from my jobs and had about an hour with my camera. So this shot is for my friend, and I hope you think it was worth the comedy value of the loud knock on the door while I was still naked on the chair with camera and tripod! You have never seen me move so fast ever, and I hope the fitters didn’t notice the lack of underwear under my blouse and the flushed naughty look on my face when I finally opened the door.

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  1. I think this is my fave pic of your 28 days – love the Sax and your pose with it too – gotta love a band night, I have them too…….though I tend to keep my clothes on 😉

  2. The things we do for art… 😉

    I’ve really enjoyed seeing all your images this month. This last one – and the story that goes with it – makes for a perfect ending.


    1. Thank you Mrs Fever. I do try hard (probably too hard some days) to get what I can picture in my head…. sometimes it works and if it doesn’t I change it and try again. I’ve appreciated everyone’s lovely comments too. So thanks x

  3. This is brilliant! I love the story of the carpet fitters too ?
    It’s such a moody, beautifully composed shot, but the story makes it even richer x

  4. “and I moaned about how my house is full of stuff and getting a shot against a plain background was difficult” THIS! I so wish I had enough space to have a small room for my photography. It is but a dream but maybe one day.

    As for this image, you used you alone, empty room, time to perfection I think. The edit is utterly perfect and I love everything about it.

    I am really glad you enjoyed the February Photofest challenge and that it inspired you to take lot of fabulous images. I hope that you will continue to explore your photography here too


  5. I loved it when I saw it and thought I’d commented but clearly I didn’t. It is an absolute stunner – thanks for taking the time and trouble to make it! Loved the story too…
    Indie xx

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