Day 13 of FebPhotoFest and a Wicked Wednesday too. This week’s prompt is from pillow talk cards and it’s

“If I were to take an erotic photograph of you, I would ask you to …”

I take a lot of erotic photographs but not many of other people. This is something I’d love to change and want to get some images of others and improve my photographic techniques. I’d want to try and take something individual and personal for each person. Something that not only shows off their body but captures something unique and sensual. So each request would be different. I thought about myself and what made me an individual. What images set me apart from others I’ve seen. I thought about my submission, and I thought about my love of music. And seeing as it’s a Wednesday (Band night) I thought this image maybe a good place to start.

You can see another saxophone image I previously posted here.

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