“Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.” – Alphonse de Lamartine

I’ve made music since I was 5. Recorder first, then I took up the piano and the saxophone by 10. It kept me sane through school and university and provided entertainment and a social life. I took a 10 year pause after having kids before I got back into playing socially again which has been fabulous. Unfortunately due to Covid I haven’t played with the band for over a year, and I’ve turned my back on music at home. It hasn’t been a comfort like it has to some. To me it’s just a reminder of everything I’m missing at the moment.

I took this photograph this morning to illustrate my point. A flash back reminder of my saxophone photo Coda from a previous FebPhotoFest. My tenor smelt musty from not being out of his case. It felt sad. Maybe not the big bright ending of FebPhotoFest I meant, but perhaps poignant is suitable.

Colour photograph of a naked woman sitting with her back to a tenor saxophone  her shaped reflecting that of the instrument
Quote quest logo featuring the words on a pad with a pen and a coffee next to them
Sinful Sunday logo of the words over a pink lip print
FebPhotoFest  logo with the words next to an image of an old camera on a mustard yellow background

10 thoughts on “Back to Sax

  1. Yes indeed and maybe a glimmer hope that things will change. It might feel sad and neglected now but hopefully, maybe, that won’t be the case later in the year


  2. Oh Missy – what a beautiful shot <3 I am so glad QuoteQuest inspired you to dig our your sax. While I am sure you play beautiful music together, I am certain your create beautiful images together x

  3. That is a fantastic shot, I played alto sax in school, though had no interest in continuing afterward. Hope you are able to play with your band this year.

  4. You are such an incredible photographic storyteller. I get the wistfulness about not being able to play right now from your photo, it’s really beautifully done!

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