I bought a tailcoat when I was about 16 from a charity shop. It suited my image. I played a lot of music, wore stripy leggings and colourful waist coats. Maybe I had an unusual style – maybe I was just a teenager trying to stand out like all teenagers. But after being a student I thought I’d lost my tailcoat. After wearing it to go see the Rocky Horror Show at the theatre in my early twenties I’ve not seen it again.

Image my sheer delight when my sister told me in May this year that she was wearing my tailcoat to a fancy dress party! I’ve not found out when she originally borrowed it, but let’s say I don’t think I’ve seen it for at least 15 years. It was returned last month and believe me it’s going to be in so many of my images going forward. So here are two little taster images for you. I couldn’t decide which one I preferred. Let me know which you like.

Black and White photograph of a woman wearing only a tailcoat. Image cropped to show only from neck to waist. High contrast with a dark background

Black and white photograph of a woman from neck to waist showing her wearing just a tailcoat that just covers her left breast and shows the curve of her waist

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26 thoughts on “Tailcoat

  1. I love this post especially because you found the tailcoat which you thought you had lost. As for the image, I flitted back and from them trying to choose. In the end I would say the second due to the heavier shadow. Both are excellent though. missy x

    1. I did like the second too but couldn’t decide because I like the shiny button in the first image too. And I’m so happy to have my coat back.

  2. Incredibly dapper Missy! I do love period dress and the sharp sophisticated cut really accentuates your gorgeous form. My favourite is the second due to the way it frames your curves and creates contrast, beautiful! x

  3. They are both lovely but the second image is perfection. The way the button and your nipple give some symmetry to the picture and the shadow that runs down your hip framing the curve of your body is stunning


  4. Even in the thumbnail image, I knew this was you, Missy! There’s such clarity and precision in your photographic eye. I love that bottom shot the most, with your nipple just peeking out and the soft skin of your belly. You look beautiful.

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