It’s been about ten years since my husband and I started down the kinky path. Letting our sex lives expand and explore, along with my lingerie draw and our sex toy box. It’s what led me onto twitter and eventually onto setting up my own blog. But I guess my real kink here is photography.

Getting that perfect sexy shot. Something arty that may only hint towards sex like this self portrait ‘Holes‘, or (my favourite) is something down right filthy that I have managed to take in an arty way like this shot ‘Getting carried away‘. The photograph in this blog was taken during the same session as it too.

I’m delighted I’ve had the odd chance to photograph other people in the last year or so and I can’t wait to do that more as well. Expanding my kink with other people is definitely one thing I’m enjoying on so many levels.

Colour photograph of a naked Male and female couple from the side during doggy style sex. Focusing on his hand gripping onto the soft flesh of her buttock.

14 thoughts on “My photography kink

  1. From the very beginning I have been a fan of your photography, and I can’t wait to be able to explore more with my own self photography once the studio is done. Next month! Love your images, and love the intimacy of this one too!

    Rebel xox

  2. Love your photography. I guess it’s a kink that I share, although I have not yet dared to think about taking pictures of others. Your kink is still in my private closet. Thanks for sharing your pictures and why you take them!?

  3. I really really that photo. It makes me picture so much what is “Happening”. Many times your photos inspire such an intense reaction in me. It’s art. Hot art, but very much art

  4. that is a cracking shot. I love your photography and was so excited when you stated your blog. I have really enjoyed watching you really explore that creative side of you in this space


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