44 thoughts on “Day 11 Holes #SinfulSunday

  1. It reminds me of the artworks of Yayoi Kusama – she creates lovely organic shapes patterned with dots. I can see why you love it, you are so ‘delightfully contained, yet total open’. Perhaps that’s a title – unititled works for me… Indie x

  2. My suggestion for a title is “Restrained”. Obviously, it isn’t rope, but this feels like a restraining tool when I look at it.

  3. This is beautiful. I really like how it’s not immediately apparent what the picture is of until spotting the cleft of your bum breaking up the pattern. I have no suggestion of a title apart from’Wow’!

    O x

  4. Oblonging

    There is something tensely relaxed about your pose, as though you are waiting/longing for something/someone. And the shapes are not so much circular as they are oblong.



    Because your body is shaped like a pear, your skin is appearing through the threads, and – as a play on words – we are ‘peering’ at you from our vantage points as viewers.

  5. This photo is a work of art. I don’t have a title, but I love the polka dots that your skin makes, the shadow, the shape of your body… all beautiful.

  6. This is a wonderful photo worthy to stand alongside the best in op art. It is a pleasure to look at it and let my mind wander and just enjoy the ellipses and the curves of your body contained within.
    Often titles seem to bear no relation to the work but I would call this one Beautifully Spaced Out. xx

  7. I can’t help with a title because I’m useless at them!

    But wow…that is a fucking awesome image…I love the fishnetty feel and you have a gorgeous bottom.

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