Tied in an empty room, waiting, unsure what may happen next, listening for any sound, straining myself to catch any unusual noise, longing for the silence but aware it will be broken soon. The seconds tick past, I pull against my restraints, trying to get comfy, trying to get back quickly enough. The phone camera clicks and I hear a car and footsteps towards the door. Carpet fitters!

Click the lips below to see who else is playing this Sinful Sunday.

30 thoughts on “Tied #SinfulSunday

  1. That made me smile –
    the pose reminds me of so many different occasions in my life – really emotive shot –
    looking forward to meeting you next week 😉

  2. Those damn pesky carpet fitters….. But you got a truly cracking shot here and another one that definitely fits the rule of thirds, not that you need me to tell you that


    1. I tried four shots and couldn’t manage the movement in 10 seconds – this was with my phone while I waited for the camera battery to recharge. I had to undo myself. I couldn’t get anywhere fast! ?

  3. A great image and the words – the suspense and a smile to the lips at the punch line. Hope you had time to get free before they arrived!

    1. It’s so rare to ever get an empty room for photographs I had to try and make the most of it….. I managed 1 hour 30 mins and missed lunch to get as many different pics as possible. ?

  4. I like the stark background. It focuses the eye on you. The details of the ropes and the shadows add depth and offer places to glance…especially the little peek between your legs. A lovely image, artfully composed.

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