Mirror mirror on the door

When I was staying at a friends recently the small mirror on the back of the spare room door just called to me….. and if I knelt on the bed at the other end of the room I could look at myself in it. This image shows the honest Missy belly, but I was intrigued with the softness of the image against the hard wood door. I hope you like it too.

Click the lips below to see who else is playing this Sinful Sunday.


  1. You’re right, that hard frame is a stark contrast to your soft, lovely curves. The ‘Missy belly’ as you call it is honestly fabulous. x

  2. I looooove the dramatic contrast of the light in the mirror and the darkness of the door! Usually with mirror shots there’s a lot of extra background; the image is much more powerful without furniture and other bits and bobs in the shot. Really well done!!!

  3. Clever you for spotting the possibility. I love the intimacy of this image. And the belly looks like mine about 15 years ago – what’s not to love!

  4. Honest bellies, and boobs, and bums and all other kinds of honest images are one of the things I love about Sinful Sunday. So I am very pleased you blessed us with this image. Such a fab shot x

  5. This seems to be the year for many of us to open up about and expose our beautiful and exasperating mommy bellies. I think it’s real and honest. And this is a lovely image. Uniquely framed and captured.

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