On a warm Saturday night we went upstairs at 9.30pm leaving the kids watching telly. Had some delicious sex and then promptly fell deep asleep. Unfortunately that means we were both wide awake before 6am today. The only day we get a sleep in. But as you saw from last week, Sunday morning cuddles are the best. At least we can make the most of this time together.

A close up colour photograph of a naked woman laying on her side, with a man’s hand resting on her belly with her hand over the top. The woman is very pale but the man’s hand is much darker in skin to use and rougher and hairier. You can see just from above her breast to down to her navel. With some stretch marks visible by her waist.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words in navy written over a pink lip print.

4 thoughts on “Early morning

  1. Oh but nights like that where you fall asleep in a post sex stupor are the BEST. I love the sensual intimacy of this shot. It is moments like this which I crave just as much as the sex if not more so


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