The text came through and my stomach lurched.

‘Native apartment block. Wear just your coat and your boots. Wait for me in the lobby.’

My brown coat wasn’t that long but compared to most of the women out that night it wasn’t short either. Keeping my coat tightly tied, I made my way through the streets. The wind whistled between my legs, cooling the fire that burnt in my now wet cunt. Luckily the walk wasn’t long and I kept my head down, not wanting to catch the eye of anyone passing me. Worried my lust would give me away.

The building doors opened and I walked in looking up into the large open inner space. The apartments hugged the walls with bright red doors. My phone buzzed instantly.

‘Go over to one of the orange chairs. I hope you are naked underneath. Open your coat and let me see’

I looked around me. The place was quiet for a Saturday night but I couldn’t see where they were. They must have watched me walk in. I tentatively opened my coat. Showing my nakedness. Looking around.

I hear the sound of a camera shutter and look up. Somewhere up on the fourth or fifth floor a shadow moved. The vibration in my pocket again from my phone.

‘Now sit on the orange chair and take your coat off. I’ll warm you up soon enough’

My cunt clenched. My inner exhibitionist, shy in most situations, made me sit down and lifted my coat from my shoulders. I let it drop down to the sides and smiled. My thighs slick with my own juices I crossed my legs to try and rub my now swollen clit.

I heard the sound of the shutter again ring through the quiet building making me smile and lift my chin and chest slightly. It went off twice more before the familiar buzz came through.

‘Apartment Number 400. Now’

Pulling my coat around me again I rose to find the stairs. Maybe I could make them wait a little while too.

Big thanks to Tom from lovedyoulongtime for assistance with the photographs.

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