My thoughts on biting and being bitten are complicated. My initial reaction previously was it was a hard limit. Most of you may know that I’m not a big fan of things that can damage and so anything that leaves a mark to me isn’t my cup of tea. I’m not saying I don’t like being hit or hurt sometimes. I’m definitely submissive with a portion of masochist in there. But I don’t get off on bruises or bite marks or cane stripes. They may happen but the mark itself doesn’t turn me on and I get very nervous around having them. The main reason is I’ve had quite a lot of training on non accidental injuries, and bruises and bite marks are often the main thing to watch out for.

Saying all of that though, a few years ago, I was enjoying being undressed and played with by a woman. I was stood up and she was sat on the floor and she started biting my inner thighs. Initially they were just small little nibbles but they became more intense and I couldn’t believe how my body responded to it. I practically melted. Well there was some dripping on their wooden floor at some point.

I haven’t been bitten much since, but occasionally I do crave the feeling of teeth closing down on my nipples. That sharp sudden pain against the pleasure of riding a cock, or some fingers is often a sure fire way to ignite one of my orgasms.

Being bitten is now amongst a few other things I struggle with in accepting my kinks. Along with face slapping it’s something I find hard to get my head around and feel comfortable about. But me biting is slightly different. I’ve always had a bit of an oral fixation. (I sucked my finger/thumb for years as a kid so it’s going back a long time) and I do enjoy having things in my mouth. If that’s his fingers I may often want to chew on them or even test my luck on how hard I can get away with. I don’t bite when giving oral unless asked but I do prefer my bit gag which is a bone compared to my ball ones so I can really clench down.

I may have nibbled a few people over the years but never anything that would leave a mark. Would I do that? Possibly not. Do I understand why others love it. Absolutely.

Here is my bitten nipple bar. Often a favourite of mine for Halloween but a great accompaniment for this topic.

A close up colour photograph of a naked female breast. The left nipple has a nipple bar through it with a silver set of teeth around it like it’s being bitten.  It’s quite large.
Kink of the week logo with the words in black over a red lip print.

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