I want you to take me to a club in a European city. A club you can dress me up for, in Latex, Rubber or PVC. My high heels clipping behind you on the pavement. Adorned with my collar and my lead in your hand.

I’d happily follow you around waiting to be there for whatever you wanted. To dance for you. To bring you drinks. To kiss the men or women you want me to kiss. To bend over your knee and let you unzip the back of my skirt showing everyone my plugged arse, just because you can.

I want to be your pretty play thing please.

Close up colour photograph of woman chest wearing a black PVC bralet. It has a silver buckle in the middle and a small silver zip closer at the front.

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      1. Ooh, sorry Marie, just realised I answered in reply to you by mistake. I think that indicates just how flustered this post has made me.

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