I’m so pleased to see the return of #Boobday and be able to join in with my weekly jewellery change images. I thought I’d try something a bit more subtle today instead of my usual close ups.

My bathroom doesn’t have a mirror apart from this small one I use when brushing my teeth. I’ve used it once before for an image early on in my blog with Bathroom Reflections and was reminded of it recently on Twitter. So today’s jewellery, a large black nipple ring with a sparkly ball closure and dangly star can just be seen in my mirror.

A colour photograph of a bathroom windowsill which has a small round mirror on it. Reflected in the mirror is a bare of women’s naked boobs. The left nipple has a round black nipple ring in with a ball closure and a small star dangling from it. The window is relatively dark but the breasts are well lit.

5 thoughts on “Morning Mirror #SJC 210

  1. The light is perfect in this, how it draws the focus to your piercing but also creates that shadow of the ring and star on your skin

    Thank you for joining in with Boobday


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