I wore my favourite set of undies the other day for a date. They are old now and my increase in weight means I’m starting to bulge round the edges of them. But they make me feel sexy, especially as they show off my nipple jewellery. I took a photograph of them before I got dressed so when I sat down with my date for a coffee in a quiet and respectful cafe I could show them my choice from a photo on my phone rather than trying to flash them over a scone.

The date was late and it didn’t go well, and in the end I didn’t get to show them my choice that day. Maybe next time?

A colour close up photograph of woman’s torso.  She is only wearing matching knickers and a bra and her hand is covering her slightly squishy stretch marked belly. The undies and made from a sheer black material with lacy edges in green and turquoise.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words in black over a pink lip print.

9 thoughts on “Favourites.

  1. Sorry the date didn’t go well. Silly fool. They missed out not only on your sexiness and saucy underwear but more importantly the wonderful joy that is you.

  2. I’m a big fan of mesh knickers that cover but, well, don’t. You look lovely in that lingerie; I know you said it’s old, but it doesn’t look it. (I’d definitely be ashamed to show you the ‘old’ stuff in my knicker drawer – lol!)

  3. Sorry about the date. I love the undies. I had a pair that was similar and loved but sadly they didn’t fit any more. I was very sad when I got rid of them and never found another set I like or wasn’t stupid expensive


  4. Sorry the date didn’t go well, however at least it gave you a good reason to wear something that feels and looks so good.

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