Day 1 of #FebruaryPhotoFest and I can’t believe how quickly the years are passing especially since Covid. I know I haven’t taken as many images this year so this maybe tougher than before. You can go and check out last year’s #FebPhotoFest2021 here

I thought I’d link this first post to SWAP with Floss and her inspiration this week is a quote and an image saying “I felt you and I knew you loved me”

For me the place I feel safest and the most calm is in his arms. Wrapped around him with as much skin to skin contact as I can manage. If it wasn’t for my amazing husband I wouldn’t still be taking photographs and posting on this blog. He is my muse, my rock, my biggest fan and my soul mate. Things aren’t always perfect but I know that with him by my side I can always manage.

Colour photograph looking up from the end of a bed showing two sets of feet, one bigger and male and the other smaller and attached to a body with a naked arse on show. She is obviously lying on top of him they have no covers on.
February PhotoFest 2022 logo. A blue square with the words above a picture of an old camera.
SWAP with floss logo with the words sharing words and pictures inside a circle made with two pink arrows.

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