Earlier this year I got Chlamydia. I’m 43 and it was my first STI. I’m not ashamed about it but it was not only annoying but painful and unpleasant. Luckily we have a great sexual health support system here, where I get tested regularly since I started playing with other people. Once informed that the friend I had fucked had been exposed to it before they saw me I did a test to confirmed it and a simple week of antibiotics got rid of it.

But since then the smell of my cunt has changed. I don’t have any other STIs as a second test at six weeks confirmed the chlamydia had gone and nothing else was going on. The change to my normal flora and fauna of my cunt must have been quite big because I don’t smell the same. I also don’t like it. I don’t smell bad but I don’t find it a turn on and it makes me uncomfortable.

I’m hoping I will learn to enjoy it again. That maybe it’ll settle down and I find my normal and my horny self. I want to like my smell. I want to celebrate it. Hopefully soon.

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8 thoughts on “Do I smell?

  1. I have noticed my scent has changed in the last couple of years. Not badly just different. I assume it is hormones and peri menopause. It just seems to be slightly less musky, a more subtle scent I guess


  2. I took birth control pills once which changed my scent. It was frustrating not to smell like “me”. I couldn’t get used to it and was so self conscious that I stopped taking it. Perimenopause also changed my scent which doesn’t seem to be talked about that much. It’s not bad it’s just different.

    1. I guess it could be so many different things and I’m hoping I’ve got a few more years before my menopause but who knows. 😣

  3. Firstly … your photo is just beautiful.
    But I’m sure your experience, and your change, has not been.
    Like Molly I think our “scents” do begin to change and one does become conscious of that.
    Not uncomfortably so … just “different” … and often times, different on different days and different “occasions”.
    Difficult to accept I know, but possibly not as off-putting to others as you may think, or worry, about.
    Best wishes for a fun … and healthy … 2022.
    Xxx – K

  4. Antibiotics can be really cruel, I know they’re necessary. I either end up with a yeast infection or I end up with my cunt not smelling like me!

    I also had something similar when I had covid, not being able to taste or smell my cunt really upset me, it surprised me just how much it discombobulated me.

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