I love a good hotel room. Ten years ago it meant I got time to myself away from the kids or sometimes with just my husband. Then a few years later it became a wonderful blank canvas to use for photographs. I’d even book hotel rooms specifically for photographs. Large windows, natural light and plain blank walls.

Over the last few years I’ve managed to get some lovely photos in hotels including lean back, bridged, hotel symmetry, blue hotel and occasionally the odd story like housekeeping.

Now a days hotels mean meeting other friends for fucks as well as photography. But I tend to book whole apartments for ease and it feels safer in these Covid times. Also more chance to check them out for photography when you have a bigger place.

I still love fresh clean white sheets, and dragging my hungover arse downstairs for a full English breakfast. I love large hotel showers and four poster beds. I don’t often get to stay in posh places but boy do I appreciate it when I do.

Maybe as our adventures with other people continue I may end up in more hotels for fun and photos but who knows what the next few years will bring.

This photograph I took at the same time as hotel symmetry one linked above, but it’s not one I’ve used before.

Black and white photograph of naked woman on a bed with her legs straight in the aor dacinf away from you  with cushions and lights either side
Kink of the week logo with the words over a red lip print

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  1. Hotel rooms are always fun with your S/O! There’s something about being in a new, a different place to make you want to try different things you might not try at home or have done at home but it’s a different feeling doing it in a new environment.

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