As later this week it’s my birthday I thought I’d wear my special made-for-me jewellery piece. For my 21st birthday my older sister got this made to my design. I love it and know that no one else has anything exactly the same as it. It also reminds me how wonderful my big sis is. It’s awful that she lives so far away from me and it’s been 3 years since I’ve seen her but I’m keeping her close to my heart this week.

Close up colour photograph of a naked left breast and a dark background. The nipple has a silver nipple ring in that is a bit like a spiral with two balls one above the other to close it
Sinful sunday logo with the words over a pink lip print

4 thoughts on “Birthday spiral #SJC 188

  1. Happy birthday week!

    I love this photo, especially the way the camera is pulled back enough to see a bit of your perfect hip curves. Thank you for sharing it.

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