Last week I stayed in a lovely hotel for a couple of nights for a works event. Training days and lectures with dinner and drinks in the evening. But I always enjoy the few hours to myself where I can, to use the spa or book in for a massage. This trip was no exception.

On Thursday morning my lectures didn’t start till 10.30am and I managed to squeeze in a wonderfully firm back massage at 9am from an attractive lady called Agnes with an Eastern European accent. Her hard elbows had pressed and pummelled me in a brisk and slightly rough manner but I knew I felt more flexible and even taller as I left her. She had also left me with heat in my groin from a simple move of pushing my legs open at one point to pull on my feet and stretch me. I quickly returned to my room knowing I still had 30 minutes or so to myself and a flame that needed fanning.

In hotels I also love being naked. The rooms are usually ridiculously warm (well that’s my excuse) so I stripped as I entered. Pulling the curtains closed so the golfers didn’t complain too much and laid down to think about Agnes’ hands again. My mind focused, my fingers strumming quickly over my clit I was soon very close to my orgasm. My eyes closed and my head full of thoughts meant I didn’t hear the quick door knock or register what it meant.

I looked up to see a petite lady in uniform just as I climaxed. My chest flushed red, my eyes strained and we looked at each other as she automatically said in her bright voice “Housekeeping!” The pause that came afterwards seemed to last a lifetime. I finally caught my breath, which was several more seconds than it probably took for her to register what I was doing and to react. Those extra few seconds blew oxygen onto my fire and my orgasm seemed to expand. She turned and called out “Sorry” as she fled. Her feet finally taking the responsibility and making her move.

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  1. Oh gosh Missy. That sounds so scary and exciting at the same time. I am not surprised it added to for you but I would be so embarrassed too ? lovely picture by the way.

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