30 thoughts on “Rainbow Ring #SJC 61

          1. Ok I give you that one , it’s a terrible analogy , and yes maybe wRm soft fuzzy peaches and the tongue tingling taste of a sweet sugary and oh so sticky reduction of a jus, but I tend to really like rice pudding and so my gluttony over extended into an opulence of dribbling .

          1. God no !!! I bloody detest melted cheese ( shudder …) maybe wonderful steamed pears , with the subtlest vanilla hint of sweet , sweet creme anglais…

          2. Melted cheese is food of the gods. Especially with a good chutney, I think we have to agree to disagree here.

          3. I don’t eat cheap cheese! Montgomery Jack, Yorkshire Blue, Lancashire Tasty, Coverdale, Cotherstone, Ribberdales smoked, Shropshire blue (surprisingly nice melted on a crumpet!) etc etc

          4. I also like Cornish Brie and Black Crowdie from Scotland. The U.K. has some of the best cheeses in the world.

    1. I know. Just there is so much division in the world at the moment I’m not wanting to make it worse.

    1. The rings are just a ball attachment – they just ping in and out with a small amount of force. The bars just have screw threads. All easy to do with two hands. The cuffs are fiddlier but that’s all.

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