A month or so ago my good friend @19syllables shared a photograph with me of a woman behind some thin material but her earring was on the outside and she suggested the idea would work for nipple jewellery too.

So this week I managed an image. One that I’m pleased with, but like all inspired ideas it was incredibly difficult to do and I wish I had a photographic studio with studio lighting. I hope you enjoy it

Colour photograph of a naked torso behind a think muslin type material but a nipple bar is seen through it attached to a nipple. The nipple bar has balls that are white blue and green stripes.
Boobday logo with the words over four illustrations of naked chests with different size and shapes boobs

2 thoughts on “White, Green and Blue nipple bar #SJC 185

  1. Cool image!!! I always enjoy seeing your photographs.
    You mentioned wishing you had studio lighting – and I wanted to encourage you to treat yourself to get some 😀. We got an inexpensive umbrella and soft box kit recently and it has been a game changer to have all that controllable light!! The quality is good enough for my purposes. You’re such a skilled photographer, it seems worth it for you to have the tools you want. ♥️

    1. Thank you Lexy, I think I’d just need some more education on photographic lights before I know what to treat myself with. I’ve been using a combination of natural light and a simple angle poise bedside light but I do struggle. I shall look into it x x

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